SHEMM Apparel is not just a clothing line. We also help support music artists, and hopefully some athletes soon with sponsorship to get their names out there! To apply to be sponsored by SHEMM and become part of the team, shoot us an email:


Patrick Perez | Music Producer

Patrick Perez is the very first to be sponsored by SHEMM Apparel. He works alongside the designing crew to apply his unique style to the clothing and helps promote with his enchanted music.

Patrick Perez hasn’t always been a musician at heart. At a young age he loved sports and although he had a passion for music, he never in his wildest dreams anticipated the opportunities destiny had in store. Patrick had a great upbringing - a good home and loving parents who always pushed him to strive for perfection. In Grade 12, Patrick and his best friend Lucas Demarco (aka Box of Luca), took on their very first gig - their annual semi-formal dance. The performance was incredibly received by his peers leading him to the realization that this was his passion and dream; thus, giving birth to SymphonySounds. Today, Patrick has taken on the Toronto club scene in venues such The Guvernment, Aria, The Junction, Pacha Lounge and Atelier Noire Night Club. Patrick's experience continues to broaden through continuous requests from his own clique of followers who recognize and respect him for his talent and ability to stay ahead of the curve. Inspired by fine talents of the EDM world like Jeremy Olander, Alesso, Matt Fax and Pierce Fulton, Patrick is dedicated to taking his career to the upper echelon of this industry exposing his unique style. Experience the Symphony like no other!

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box of luca | Music Producer

At 20 years old, Lucas De Marco is more than your typical producer from Toronto. This musical prodigy has grown his passion for music over the last 10 years. Banging on a toy drum set in the basement soon developed into starting a rock band.This then transformed into a heavy metal group .Lucas being more computer and technologically savvy took on the role of finding ways to record the band. This is how Lucas was introduced to the production side of music. In ‘08 Lucas was playing an online video game called Lord of The Rings Online. He felt that black metal music didn't motivate his gaming. He decided to YouTube “gaming techno”. With that search all was changed! He developed the skill set needed to create a unique sound and then once again transformed into what is now known as Box Of Luca. Box Of Luca, is currently setting his new tour schedule while helping newly sign artists in his “state of the art”

Lucas has also gained recognition in the music world recently by being interviewed on live television about his life of music producing. He has also gained acceptance from Deadmau5 for his most know production 'Toronto Sleeping' which features Deadmau5 and Kat Von D in the music video which can be watched on the box of luca YouTube channel linked below.

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Dominic Mortezadeh | Choreographer/ Entertainer

Dominic (far left) at the age of 19 has already been on a tour across North America with a show called "Tap Dogs" in 2010 and 2012/2013. He was featured in the Disney movie "Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars" and worked with legendary choreographer and judge from So You Think You Can Dance, Blake McGrath. Dom is familiar with many dance genres and can really put on a show. He is a remarkable choreographer and awesome entertainer! We are happy to have this dude on our team!

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